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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Google Certified Teacher!

Also, this week in Mrs. Hartman’s class we found out that she would be
attending the Google Teacher Academy. In this program, 50 talented teachers were selected out of many applicants. These 50 teachers are selected based upon their professional experience, their love for teaching and learning, and their use of technology. After attending this program these teachers will become Google Certified Teachers.
She asked all of her classes to make a one minute video showing her using technology in class. Period 7-8 made a video that included a rap and a demonstration of how Mrs. Hartman catches the children’s attention with her nifty technological skills. All classes have viewed the video and came to the conclusion that it ROCKS!!
The video was submitted and, you guessed it, Mrs. Hartman was picked. She is
planning on attending this 12 hour event on June 25th in Mountain View, California. Luckily, this is after the last day of school so we won’t be without our favorite Language Arts teacher!

Don't Call the Principal!

This week in Mrs. Hartman’s language arts class we experimented with a new type of poll system called Mrs. Hartman suggested that we bring our cell phones to class in order to participate with this website. She submitted a question from the book Freak the Mighty (which we are currently reading) into this polling website. We then texted our response to the number provided. A few seconds later our texts arrived and were submitted into the poll. They were even displayed on screen! We could see other people’s responses as well as our own. This was an interesting and up to date experiment. In our opinion it was definitely worth while!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Amber Field Day 08

Here are two takes on Amber Field Day -08

Pictures will be up tomorrow!

Take 1:This week has been very interesting. On Friday we had field day. It was very fun. We played many games my favorite was the folding blanket. Mrs. Sawey ran the game. Our group won. It was a lot of fun. A challenging game we played would be the ping pong ball spoon race it was really hard because you had to balance the ball on a spoon and go at a certain speed or you dropped it and then you had to go back. When we played kickball Mr. Miller was the umpire. Our team lost but it was still fun. these were all the games kickball, alphabet game, dress up game, extreme shoe race, three legged race, Frisbee toss, chicken over the head, beach towel ball toss, shoe box relay, hula hoop toss and tug of war. At the end we got ice cream. Mr. Iadarola’s homeroom won field day. This was a very nice end of year party!!

Take 2:Field day was a great day. We did a lot of fun stuff. We played a lot of fun games like the clothes relay, ping pong relay and the shoe box relay. In the ping pong relay you had to balance a ping-pong ball on a small spoon and walk around a cone and back. That game was a lot of fun especially when the other team was 2 people were ahead of us and when won 3!!! We also played a game called the alphabet game which was really fun. In that game you had get all the alphabet pieces and put them together. Our team won that. At the end we had a tug-o-war game and when it was our turn we didn’t know we were starting and Mrs. Hartman’s class beat us!!!! Out of all the games Mr.Iadarola’s class won!!! We were tied for dead last!!!! Oh well, It was the best end of the year party ever!!!!!