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Friday, May 30, 2008

Week of Fun

It’s been an awesome week! On Monday there was no school; let’s thank Memorial Day for that! Tuesday was the best! We had an assembly second and third period about knights. It was awesome. We saw the actors fight and they taught us how the life was in the medieval times. Sadly we missed language arts because of the assembly, but that didn’t ruin our week. On Wednesday we had another assembly! Too many assemblies! But this assembly was very special. The sixth grade students were honored at this assembly. The assembly was for the student of the marking period. Two people from sapphire team, two from topaz, and the best of course, two from AMBER TEAM! To make the assembly even better there were two seventh graders. The seventh graders were singing and playing the guitar!!!!!!! They were awesome! We saw HB and AY dancing… lol! On Thursday we started reading Freak the Mighty in language arts. We read the first two chapters. From reading the first two chapters I felt that it was going to be a great book. In lunch there was a mini assembly on the program H2H. It was ok; it was kind of boring but a good entertainment for lunch! Finally on happy Friday we went to the computer lab to finish up our poems. Just a regular day. That was an awesome week and I hope next week is as good as this one!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sterling Hill Mineral Museum

The Sterling Hill Mineral Museum is a very fun place to go for a field trip or for just any old day that you have nothing to do. It is located in Ogdensburg. You get to go into the mine, get a florescent rock or two and even see a fault line. The guides there are very nice. Inside the museum you get to see 8lbs of gold, even a t-rex skull. They even have very beautiful minerals and gems in the museum too.

After you tour around the museum you either get too got to the rock discovery (where you get to find garnet, slate, sandstone, marble, coal and basalt) or go into the mine. When you go into the mine you get to see a mine shaft, the equipment the miners used to wear, a real fault line, a very deep body of water, stalactites and even an open pit mine. After you come back from your tour you get to go and have lunch. After that you get to go into the gift shop. They sell fossils, shark teeth, fools gold, gemstones (including sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds) and a lot of other neat rocks. Sterling Hill Mineral Museum was a fun field trip. J.D.R

Friday, May 16, 2008

Poetry Palooza

Our NJ ASK testing is finally over! This week, we got back to our normal schedules and started some new stuff. We got new vocab words and spelling words that were all poetry words. We even have a new assignment on writing poems in different categories, for example: haiku's, definition, shape/concrete etc. On Monday, we got a poetry packet and we started a poem called "The Sneetches" by Dr. Seuss. We did some questions on the Sneetches and on Tuesday, we went over them. On Wednesday, we did more from our poetry packet. We did three poems. They were called "Ode to Mi Gato", "In a Neighborhood in Los Angeles", and "Hard on the Gas." We answered some more questions in the packet and went over them. On Thursday, we read a great story on John Henry in the poetry packet. We answered all of the questions and went on to watch some videos. We watched The Sneetches and John Henry. We also took our vocab quiz's. On our rainy Friday, we took our spelling test. We got a worksheet on how to read a poem... the right way! After we read a poem called "A Scarcity of Words." We had an assignment afterwards where we had to write down ten words we would say if we could only use ten words. This was a challenging task for some of us. After we did this, we wrote down a definition/list poem. We could choose a person or a place but we couldn't use adjectives to describe them, we had to use nouns. We had to list twenty nouns describing this person or place and then change it down to ten. We then changed it into a poem. This was especially hard because we usually describe people with adjectives but we could only use nouns. We also got a poetry crossword puzzle using our spelling words. We have certainly had a poetry palooza week!

Friday, May 2, 2008

What we did on Spring Break

It was a perfect week of sun and temperature. I interviewed some classmates and here is how some of us spent our Spring Break:
1. Had sleepovers with friends.
2. Made the competition cheerleading team.
3. Went to Disney World.
4. Visited Washington DC and saw the monuments.
5. Stayed up late and slept late.
6. Went to The Great Wolf Lodge in PA.
7. Went shopping with friends.
8. Went to Atlantic City and out to eat.
9. Went to the Jersey Shore.
10. Hung out with friends and played video games.
11. Went on a cruise.
12. Went to Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum in NYC.
13. Went to the Grand Cayman Islands.
14. Went to Boston.
15. Went to Martha's Vineyard.
16. I found out I was moving!
17. My sister came home from college.
18. Went to Cancun!
19. Took long walks on the beach.
20. Shopping at the mall.

Last Chance Workout

This week we practiced for the NJASK and reviewed tips for test taking and preparation. Here are a list of tips from all classes:
1. Go to bed early the night before.
2. Eat your Wheaties! (Eat breakfast)
3. Listen to classical music on your way to school.
4. Don't stress!
5. Write 5 paragraphs for a persuasive letter.
6. Aim for 3 paragraphs for a speculative prompt.
7. Always restate the question in the answer for an open-ended question and answer ALL questions.
8. Neat handwriting!
9. In the Reading section, read the questions first so you know what you are looking for in the passage.
10. If you are writing a letter. make sure to write "Dear_________," and sign your name at the end.
11. If you have extra time go back and make sure you answered all the questions.
12.Be careful not to skip a question completely.
13. Think outside the box.
14. Stay relaxed.
15. It is better to guess than to leave something blank.
16. Try your best.
17. Eat brain food for dinner the night before such as fish or foods high in Omega 3.