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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Week of 11/17-11/21

This week we our finishing up our "American Dreams" Unit and starting to gather images and ideas for our Garage Band podcasting project. We are going to make music videos that represent our American Dreams in the new Mac Lab in the Media Center. Mr. Chodkiewicz is coming with us to teach us how to use Garage Band. We studied Asian American Dreams this week by watching interviews of famous Asian Americans and Asian American students. We also learned about Japanese internment camps and Angel Island. Graphing Japanese immigration over the past 20 decades was hard to do at first, but interesting to discuss.
We also published our secret diary entries using Google Docs about growing up in the White House that we wrote last week. Sasha and Malia get to pick out their furniture for their bedrooms and have a bowling alley and movie theater right in their new house at 1600 Pennsyvania Ave.
Plus, Mrs. Hartman went to Google in NYC and now we all want to work there when we grow up! She showed other teachers samples from our Letters to the Next President:

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