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Friday, October 30, 2009

Asian American Dream- Escape from Vietnam

This week in Connections we have been focusing on the Asian American Dream. We have had 2 guest speakers. Mr. Zeng, our Chinese teacher, talked to the students about his America Dream and his journey from China to America. It truly was an inspirational story. A summary of his dream and a slide show will be posted soon.

Mrs. Tran, Christine's mom, came in today to tell her story. She escaped with her family from communist Vietnam in 1979 with her family at the age of 13. She told us about her life in the Phillippines and Jersey City. She also talked to us about the importance of education and how we as Americans take our freedoms for granted. To listen to her story, press play above.
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1 comment:

Patrick Higgins said...

The depth and complexity of the lives of the members within our community never ceases to astound me. What a profound story of seeking the best for one's family.

You can hear the urgency and the awe within her voice; it's apparent that what her family has given her, she truly regards as the realization of a dream.