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Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday, April 17

This week we went to the computer lab. We worked on our photo stories. We went Monday, Tuesday, and some people went Wednesday and Thursday! Monday when we came in we did a Vocab review sheet. Tuesday we did a practice for the NJ ASK testing. Wednesday, we went back to the computer lab for the people who didn’t finish. Thursday, we went to the computer lab for the last time and listened to some Photo Story projects. On Friday, we went to the book fair! Then we went to Vocab Bingo! Today was our last day of school before Spring Break!!!
This week was very exciting. We learned how to do Photo Story and turned our fairy tales into media files. The requirements were 10 images and our fairy tales had to be re-written in modern times from a different point of view. We also learned that a book we read at the beginning of the year (Chasing Vermeer)is being turned into a movie by Brad Pitt! Today we are going to the book fair and playing vocabulary bingo against Mrs. S's class. We also did some NJASK practice and review. We had to tell what it would be like to live in your favorite book, short story, or television show for one day.
In science we celebrated Earth Day by creating a mural of hands on our team wall, "The Future of Our Earth is in Our Hands."


Patrick Higgins said...

Whoa!! You guys are busy! It's hard to believe that you did all of that in one week, especially right before Spring Break.

I would really love to come visit you all to see some more of the digital stories you made; the three on the blog post were fantastic. Keep up the great work and keep having fun!

Christine said...

Too cute. I loved Granny one. Cracked me up.

Keep up the good work.