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Friday, May 2, 2008

Last Chance Workout

This week we practiced for the NJASK and reviewed tips for test taking and preparation. Here are a list of tips from all classes:
1. Go to bed early the night before.
2. Eat your Wheaties! (Eat breakfast)
3. Listen to classical music on your way to school.
4. Don't stress!
5. Write 5 paragraphs for a persuasive letter.
6. Aim for 3 paragraphs for a speculative prompt.
7. Always restate the question in the answer for an open-ended question and answer ALL questions.
8. Neat handwriting!
9. In the Reading section, read the questions first so you know what you are looking for in the passage.
10. If you are writing a letter. make sure to write "Dear_________," and sign your name at the end.
11. If you have extra time go back and make sure you answered all the questions.
12.Be careful not to skip a question completely.
13. Think outside the box.
14. Stay relaxed.
15. It is better to guess than to leave something blank.
16. Try your best.
17. Eat brain food for dinner the night before such as fish or foods high in Omega 3.


Peter said...

I LOVE HARTMAN HOPPLA it is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Hartman's Language Arts Classes said...

Me, too. I wish we would have started it earlier in the year!