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Monday, September 21, 2009

Guest Blogger: Bridget

Hey everyone! This is Bridget from Mrs. Hartman’s section 5 class. Another summer has come and gone, but Mrs. Hartman has us doing some pretty cool stuff so far in Connections! Did you watch the “Did You Know” videos posted on this page? I can’t believe all the technologies we have today! We have also made our own cartoons. Our theme had to be about school, so some of the topics might have been: the lunch line, lockers, teachers and classes. Another project we worked on in class were letters to Mrs. Hartman. Not just any letters though, we had to pretend we were one of our 5th grade teachers from last year writing to her. These letters explained who we are as students, such as our strengths and weaknesses, and our personalities. Did you know that September 17th is Constitution Day? Well, I certainly didn’t know! I knew about the Constitution of course, because it’s a huge part in American history. In class we started writing our own amendments, to add to the existing list of 27. We also took part of the test that people have to take in order to become an American Citizen. Guess what? It’s also in English! Imagine if you couldn’t speak our language and wanted to pass! We are writing our own amendments to the Constitution. Our most recent task was to bring in a quote that is either inspiring to us or something that we try to live our life by every day. With that quote we are currently writing an essay explaining why we chose it.
All of this in 3 weeks! I L♥ve Connections!

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