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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to School Night 08

Mrs. Hartman is in Chicago at Google learning about new google tools for the classroom and showcasing work from Sparta Middle School students and teachers in a presentation on Google Docs.
Below, is her back to school night presentation.


PattyBiem said...

Excellent Blog! Congratulations to Mrs. Hartman for being invited back to Google! Amelia and Kathy did a wonderful job on the back to school presentation.

Patrick Higgins said...

I agree with pattybiem. Amelia and Kathy were wonderful and the parents were great too! To Mrs. Hartman's students, we showed your parents the blog AND they know how to comment now!

Good luck with the rest of your week an we ALL are waiting for you next post.

NGyFwp0KrOv4W2R10ZiDvcWn6W8t said...

Hi Erica, The classroom blog is an excellent tool for promoting discussion of classroom events and offering opportunities for students and parents to write about the learning going on in your room. Well done! Best, Tom