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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Two Weeks of School

The first 2 weeks of school were exciting. We figured out what Connections is all about by watching short videos and reading a short story by Avi, called "How I Got My English A." It was about a student who was a horrible speller and grammarian, but had great story ideas. ("Not that good spelling and grammar aren't important, but ideas and content are equally important," said Mrs Hartman).
We talked about the possible educational uses of cellphones (good and bad) and met Cha Cha.
Next we created trading cards of ourselves and filled in Who I Am graphic organizers so we could get to know each other better. Finally, we created comics about school and learned about a comic creator website,
We have been sharing our ideas and comics with the FruitPicker. It spins our names and the name that the machine stops on is the person who is shares.
Videos we discussed:

Did You Know?

Nokia's 4th Screen

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