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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Google Apps Day 2

On Day 1 of Google Apps for Education, we learned how to log in to the computers at the middle school and how to access our Google Apps Account at
We watched a video by Common Craft about Google Docs and started typing up our first RAFT - a letter to Mrs. Hartman from the point of view of a 5th grade teacher about us (the student).
On Day 2 we are going to set up folders in Google Docs to keep organized and learn how to collaborate and share with Mrs. Hartman and our friends. We are also going to learn how to insert comments and give feedback on writing.
We are going to view a Google Docs tutorial
and create a spreadsheet in google docs.
We are also going to practice our typing skills or here
and submit our wish for the future at

1 comment:

Patrick Higgins said...

You guys are doing some great work, and we are all excited to see what you create and explore this year.

Best of luck and realize that you now have a pretty big audience out here in internetland!