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Friday, May 16, 2008

Poetry Palooza

Our NJ ASK testing is finally over! This week, we got back to our normal schedules and started some new stuff. We got new vocab words and spelling words that were all poetry words. We even have a new assignment on writing poems in different categories, for example: haiku's, definition, shape/concrete etc. On Monday, we got a poetry packet and we started a poem called "The Sneetches" by Dr. Seuss. We did some questions on the Sneetches and on Tuesday, we went over them. On Wednesday, we did more from our poetry packet. We did three poems. They were called "Ode to Mi Gato", "In a Neighborhood in Los Angeles", and "Hard on the Gas." We answered some more questions in the packet and went over them. On Thursday, we read a great story on John Henry in the poetry packet. We answered all of the questions and went on to watch some videos. We watched The Sneetches and John Henry. We also took our vocab quiz's. On our rainy Friday, we took our spelling test. We got a worksheet on how to read a poem... the right way! After we read a poem called "A Scarcity of Words." We had an assignment afterwards where we had to write down ten words we would say if we could only use ten words. This was a challenging task for some of us. After we did this, we wrote down a definition/list poem. We could choose a person or a place but we couldn't use adjectives to describe them, we had to use nouns. We had to list twenty nouns describing this person or place and then change it down to ten. We then changed it into a poem. This was especially hard because we usually describe people with adjectives but we could only use nouns. We also got a poetry crossword puzzle using our spelling words. We have certainly had a poetry palooza week!

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Patrick Higgins said...

Whoa. It sounds like you had a packed week! It's great when the ASK's are over, mainly because they are boring, but also because you can get back to what is fun in class.

Personally, I don't know if I could use only ten words in my life--although I do have ten favorite words. Keep up the great writing!