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Friday, May 2, 2008

What we did on Spring Break

It was a perfect week of sun and temperature. I interviewed some classmates and here is how some of us spent our Spring Break:
1. Had sleepovers with friends.
2. Made the competition cheerleading team.
3. Went to Disney World.
4. Visited Washington DC and saw the monuments.
5. Stayed up late and slept late.
6. Went to The Great Wolf Lodge in PA.
7. Went shopping with friends.
8. Went to Atlantic City and out to eat.
9. Went to the Jersey Shore.
10. Hung out with friends and played video games.
11. Went on a cruise.
12. Went to Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum in NYC.
13. Went to the Grand Cayman Islands.
14. Went to Boston.
15. Went to Martha's Vineyard.
16. I found out I was moving!
17. My sister came home from college.
18. Went to Cancun!
19. Took long walks on the beach.
20. Shopping at the mall.

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Mrs. Hartman's Language Arts Classes said...

I am jealous of all of you!
Mrs. Hartman