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Monday, May 19, 2008

Sterling Hill Mineral Museum

The Sterling Hill Mineral Museum is a very fun place to go for a field trip or for just any old day that you have nothing to do. It is located in Ogdensburg. You get to go into the mine, get a florescent rock or two and even see a fault line. The guides there are very nice. Inside the museum you get to see 8lbs of gold, even a t-rex skull. They even have very beautiful minerals and gems in the museum too.

After you tour around the museum you either get too got to the rock discovery (where you get to find garnet, slate, sandstone, marble, coal and basalt) or go into the mine. When you go into the mine you get to see a mine shaft, the equipment the miners used to wear, a real fault line, a very deep body of water, stalactites and even an open pit mine. After you come back from your tour you get to go and have lunch. After that you get to go into the gift shop. They sell fossils, shark teeth, fools gold, gemstones (including sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds) and a lot of other neat rocks. Sterling Hill Mineral Museum was a fun field trip. J.D.R


Patrick Higgins said...

In all of the years I have been here, I haven't made it to the mines. Your description makes me want to take my kids there this weekend! I hope you all had fun on the trip. What is the most interesting thing you learned while you were there?

Erica Hartman said...

The coolest things were learning about the most dangerous jobs and learning about how workers were punished if they did not listen to the boss!

Erica Hartman said...

The glowing rocks and the danger of getting your head chopped off from a cart. Also, learning about the daily life of miners.